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  • Mani

    Vocals. Percussion. One drum, two hands — or is it the other way around? In addition to rhythm, Mike “Mani” Manning sings, and in performance, he actually looks like a live human being as compared to the “Hans Solo encased in carbon” presentation of Clark and Caroline. Mike is Humor and Style to the max. Daughter Roo is official head of the The Keenas Dancers.

  • Keena

    Vocals. Guitar. Bass. Caroline “Keena” Quine was raised and rooted in the rootsy/tootsy/frootsy musical traditions of Akron, Ohio (Town Motto: ‘Omnes Gaul Tres Partis Divisibus’). Caroline brings a unique attribute to The Keenas — actual musical talent. And she knows musical concepts like thirds, fifths and liters. Her vocals combine the power and range of operatic castrati with the lyricism of early (pre-6 months) Mozart. The timber of her voice is earthy and smoky, dry, with hints of raspberry, coriander, coffee, lemongrass, jalapenos and mushroom (non-psychedelic), with a complex bouquet and lingering aftertaste.

  • Clark

    Electric Guitar. Craig “Clark” Blockwick brings the concept of musical illiteracy to its highest levels. Composing only in the keys of Am and Bm, and often confusing the two, Clark’s compositions range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Targeting Cm in 2014. Never compared to Mark Knopfler or Stevie Ray Vaughn, he nonetheless occasionally (usually accidentally) plays one or two of the same notes played by those titans of the guitar. Not allowed to talk about Phish.

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